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I do not just snap pictures of your family.  I make art out of it. View my portfolio.

capturing Your beauty & art with my lens

​I started my photography journey long before I started shooting weddings.  As a kid I LOVED looking at old photographs, especially the black and whites.  Then I moved on to capturing my own memories.  Asking my friends to pose and directing them on how to stand.  I was a natural, and I did not even know it yet. I graduated to capturing family memories.  While I still love capturing family images and seniors, my heart is in wedding photography.  I believe there is nothing more moving than watching two people begin a new chapter in their lives and having their whole family there to celebrate in their love.  My absolute favorite moment in a wedding is the father daughter dance.  Perhaps it is because I am a daddy's girl at heart.  

About six years ago I decided to jump in to my photography with both feet, with a focus on wedding photography.  At year 5, my business starting receiving recognition.  Voted Greatest of Great Lakes Bay Photographer for your Big Day for 2016 and 2017, and came in 2nd for Family Photography.

Our philosophy is simple.  We want to capture your memories for you to relive over and over for years to come.  We are not just shooting for you.  Sure, we love you and hope you LOVE your images, but because we love you... we want to document your lives for your great great great grandchildren!  We want them to know you! We want them to feel exactly what you felt on your wedding day just by looking at your pictures!  You owe it to yourself and your family to invest in your memories.  To invest in your family art.  They will love you for it!! 

Extra Services
Photography Mentoring (150 per session)

camera basics * advanced shooting * basic posing

intro to light * off camera flash * editing * marketing

Help Wanted!!

Wedding Assistant - carrying gear, holding reflectors, straightening wardrobe, moving hair, etc.  Paid position. Email to apply.
2nd shooter - must have wedding experience. Must sign contract and agree to terms. Pay determined by experience. Email to apply.


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Graduating is a special time.  Capturing these memories are important, because your baby is heading to college. Make sure you post a few of those memories on the wall to remind you of the person that used to eat all of your food and borrow your car.  Some of my seniors.

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