6 hrs wedding day coverage w/ 2 photographers, 1 hr engagement session, $100 print credit, USB / 600 images

8 hrs wedding day coverage w/ 2 photographers, 2 hr engagement session, 16x20 Gallery wrap, $200 print credit, USB / 700 images.

​10 hrs wedding day coverage w/ 2 photographers, 2 engagement & 1 hr bridal session, 16x20 Gallery wrap, $400 print credit, USB / 800 images

​Referral Program Saves:

Referrals are our bread and butter, as people will not know how we do business, unless you tell them!!  
So we like to offer you an incentive to spread the word!!!  For every wedding we land, that you referred...  You receive a $50 credit.
Credits can be used to lower your wedding balance, towards prints or towards session fees.

Add Ons:

Mounted Prints - Starting at $100
Metal Prints - starting at $150

Gallery Wraps - starting at $150

Albums - starting at $400

We run a different deal every month.  Ask what deal we are running this month!  It may save you some $$$.

We also have a pay in full at contract signing deal!  Ask how much you can save by paying in full!

Seniors Photography Packages:

Vinson Wedding Photography

Wedding and family photographer